Walk Your Bones To Health

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Health experts recommend that everyone should participate in a high impact aerobic exercise to help increase bone mass. However, that might not always be the solution to everyone – especially those who are unable to perform high impact exercises.

Health researchers viewed 24 studies of bone mineral density and aerobic exercises in women that shows how walking 30 minutes a day for a few days a week can help to increase the overall bone density.

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in Boston analyzed studies that followed predominantly sedentary women assigned to aerobic exercise programs lasting 16 weeks or more.

Walking was the preferred form of exercise by most participants. Compared to non-exercisers, the regular exercisers increased their bone mass by about two percent. Exercise helps strengthen bones because it forces them to bear weight, which is why high-impact exercise elicits even greater gains in bone density.

The fact that walking and other low-impact activities are also beneficial, however, is particularly encouraging given that many women find high-impact exercise painful or difficult to master. Experts recommend women follow a program that combines both aerobic activity and weight training, which also increases bone mass, to lower their risk of developing osteoporosis.