Learn How Asbestos Are Dangerous

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Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that have been used to make distinct items. It is mainly used for materials that are used to build brakes for cars, materials for construction, and to help battle against corrosion and heat. This group includes; amosite, chrysotile, anthophyllite asbestos, tremolite asbestos, and actinolite asbestos. One or all of forms of these have been changed in a chemical way before being utilized.

Researchers think that they can be unsafe to anyone who works with or close to them because the fibers from the asbestos are able to be inhaled. This might cause diseases of the lungs and other critical organs. Regrettably these severe diseases do not always appear until much later in life from when the people were exposed to them.

In some people it has the ability to force scar tissue to back up in their lungs and make it tough and nearly impossible to breathe. The fibers that have the ability to cause these problems are too small for individuals to observe them without microscopes.

Who is at risk? Individuals who smoke are at the greatest danger of developing these problems. Also people who work un big industries and construct things that are made up of products utilizing it are at a great risk. Construction workers can also be exposed to high amounts of the fibers from the building materials that they use each day.

Besides the lessening in lung cancer many health experts believe that asbestos is able to cause colon cancer. This is an on going study that has not been fully proven – but some think that it can be caused from drinking tap water and insulation utilized in the home. Statistics show that 26 out of 2,500 textile workers that used asbestos products died from colon cancer.